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My name is Sam Healy, I'm the face behind Be and Co Meditation!


Up until 2019 I was a proud skeptic. This meant that Meditation fell into the religious category and I happily dismissed it!


Then, I had a series of simple experiences that led me to practicing Meditation. Basically, this kicked off some major transformation. 

As a school teacher, I naturally wanted to know how to teach this stuff to others and in November 2020, I became certified to teach meditation and began researching...which changed my life.


I want to teach people how to 'Be' and normalise it in their day to day. When you're Being, the Doing comes effortlessly. Be first. Happiness, calmness, fun, adventure...all these types of things are the benefits of learning how to Be.

They are the Co in Be and Co!

This is a space where you can come to learn how to Solo Meditate and access Being, have ongoing support with your Meditation Practice and basically do all the cool things that bring on rapid, effortless, mind boggling life changes. 


So, here you'll learn how to Be first and then Do.

You'll learn why and how to prioritise yourself.

And I'll Be with you every step of the way! 

Thank you for coming this far.
Let it Be legend,

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Everything you have ever known or will ever know is created in the bellies of collapsing stars.

Including you.

You are made of stardust.

Inspired by the great Carl Sagan

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